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In all these or so years have we all been looking at the same thing the wrong way? We have spent years and money and lives in trying to suppress fires.

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What do we have as result? We have more fires; we have bigger fires; we have more intense, hotter fires. You all know the definition of insanity- doing the same wrong thing over and over and expecting the same result! What if we spent 3 billion dollars a year for the next ten years on fire prevention?

What if we seriously used prescribed burns, chaining and selective logging, grazed more livestock at different times of the year to reduce fuel loads. What if we turned overgrown diseased forests into bio-char factories? What if we mandated certain fire resistant building materials and the creation of no fuel load space around all structures? Fire is a positive tool harnessed by man and a source of tragic destruction. We should not wait until the tragic destruction tool is let loose to kill people and destroy improved property if we can help it.

KNPB also provides the series to other stations across the Western states, multiplying its views by thousands. The program will air in February and will focus on the challenges that wildfire, drought, environmental and political issues present for agriculturists in their efforts to feed our nation.

All of the documentaries in the series can be viewed online at ww. Chaired by Elko County Commissioner Demar Dahl, the Task Force continues their work of completely fleshing out the concept of how to go about the in-depth process of transferring and managing some of the public lands that are now owned by the federal government to the State of Nevada. The Task Force has taken time early in the process to establish some ground rules to facilitate productivity, and Dahl says it has paid off.


Which becomes important when dealing with the vast number of interests involved when dealing with public lands and each intricate issue of multiple use. According to Dahl, the group intends to engage in a real grassroots effort and educate the members, staff, and public on each of these issues.

The un-American cabal

To that end, the committee has agreed to work through four issues each month, and work through a list of concerns that has been established through the legislative and public processes. At the conclusion of each meeting a report of the meeting is sent to each member so that they have accurate information to take back to their County Commission.

The Task Force rules have asked that each member place an agenda item on the official County agenda so people can give input at County Commission meetings and the member can bring all those concerns back to the Task Force. Dahl says this makes the process one continuous public process with input to the Commissioners which gets brought to the Task Force meetings and input from the Task Force that gets taken back to each Commission.

I encourage everyone who has the need for additional stock water on private land to call the State of Nevada Division of Water Resources immediately. A stock water well on private property can be in place within days, providing a driller can be secured in short order. You will notice that I did not mention public land water development above. As we are all aware, the process to get water sources and improvements constructed on federally managed lands is a different game.

This bill does not alleviate the need to go through the process of securing the mandatory permits and the signing over of at least a portion of your water rights in order to obtain the permission needed for water development on federal lands. In order to provide immediate sources of water on most federal lands, you must be watering. Commissary Building. I know this sounds callous, but it is the truth. Numerous expensive water hauls have sprung up across Nevada in order to provide water for horses and burros. Never mind the livestock producer who has taken voluntary steps to reduce the potential impacts to rangelands.

We must continue to provide an artificial environment for these equids to continue to thrive. Why do we allow the agencies to hide behind special interest groups? Maybe our mistakes all along have been signing documents and trying to abide by laws and regulations. It seems we could get further with a camera, a microphone and tears. The most frustrating part for many of us is that temporary fire closures on rangelands only apply to permitted livestock.

Whether inside or often outside an HMA , many of our rehabilitated burn areas in Nevada are being overgrazed by wild horses immediately behind seeding. I am encouraged that there has been a slight shift in some media coverage. I am relieved to see that the American public is starting to ask why the horse program is costing so much and why with all that money, the problem is worse than it has ever been. Perhaps we can make some real changes in management soon…. We have 4 cattle trains available for your cattle hauling needs. We can haul approx. Give us a call for pricing.

Wayne did many things in his life but his friends summed it all up, Wayne was born a cowboy and he spent his whole life in the cattle industry.

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He is survived by his son, Todd Cline, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Bill and Marlene Holmes and many, many friends. Johnson has worked tirelessly as an advocate for agriculture for more than 30 years.

I Am Old and Recall a Different Country

Johnson has logged many miles Photo caption: Sonya Johnson receives the traveling throughout Nevada; her efforts have been statewide and not just bound National Ag Advocate Award from National Grange within the boarders of Churchill County. Andersen has shown excellence in both the classroom and the community. Andersen received this award for her merit in the classroom and her dedication to agriculture. Andersen plans on using the skills she learns at Montana State to start her own ranch and raise registered Herefords for show and commercial cattle. He was passionate in his support of a sustainable agriculture industry in Nevada and was never afraid to tackle the tough issues or face strong opponents in defense of the agriculture industry and producers.

The Progressive Rancher. They will know how to work, and they will want to work. This will be done by getting up before the sun, saddling a horse and riding with us to move cows. It is by spending 8 hours on a tractor raking hay under a clear blue sky. It is by mucking out stalls, and by taking a shift in the middle of the night to walk through a calving barn or lot. It is by helping rebuilding a stretch of fence that has been torn down.

We take our boys with us everywhere. When they go to bed at night, they sleep, and they sleep well because they have had an active day. If we have a sick animal, we take care of them before taking care of ourselves; we take pride in knowing our animals are well cared for. Farmers and ranchers miss special occasions if something on the ranch needs to be done first. It is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even though today might be the worst day ever, we are up again tomorrow morning before the sun rises, ready to do it all again.

We want our boys to be passionate. Passionate about doing a job and doing it well. Passionate about life. We want them to have respect. Respect for themselves, each other, and life.

Steinman ’19: Strangers in the Land of Egypt

All life. We want them to feel wonder at the miracle of birth and sorrow with death. Any death, but understand that it is the cycle of life and just as animals are born they also die, like people, and plants. As hard as that may be, it is essential for the order of things and a part of life. We want them to love life and live it to the fullest. If not, that is okay too. We hope that we are teaching them the skills they will need to succeed in any life they choose for themselves.


We want them to be confident, self-assured, assertive, and just and to stand up for themselves and for others when they see injustice. I sincerely hope that when my boys are adults they look back on their childhoods and fondly remember the hours spent on a horse moving cows, pitching hay, calving cows, raking hay, and even fixing fence with their parents and know that we chose this lifestyle to raise them the best way we knew how.

Knowing that their parents loved them more than anything else and chose a lifestyle that included them. By Thomas K. Gallagher, PE recently attended a hearing before the Nevada State Water Engineer to consider public ditional underground water supply wells to support and expand my operations?

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These are some of the questions in northern Nevada, and I was reminded of the confusion and concern that arises in the eye that come up and there seems to be a lack of clarity on what the answers really are. Does it mean there is no chance at all of obtaining ad- regulates the appropriation of all of the waters of the state. In Nevada, like many western states, all water, whether above or beneath the surface, belongs to the public and may be appropriated for beneficial use by filing with the state engineer and not otherwise.

Progressively Restoring American Greatness : Anthony Watson :

It is only to further administer underground water sources, not surface water. The easiest way to remember the distinction between a nondesignated basin and a designated basin is that in the former, you can hire a licensed drilling ELKO HUMBOLDT contractor and install and flow test water wells all over the quiet land and file for and obtain a permit to beneficially use the water at some later date. In a designated basin, you have to obtain the appropriation permit first before drilling and developing a water source well.

It does not necessarily mean that there are no more permits allowed, just that the chances of PERSHING getting any new water are becoming smaller and smaller. Certificates are the last step in the water right process and once attained are solid and can only be lost by forfeiture for five consecutive years of non-use. A groundwater basin being fully appropriated is initially based upon estimates of annual natural recharge and discharge perennial yield vs. The notion of all of the water rights being satisfied in an over-appropriated basin in other than an exceptional water year is a little more nebulous.

All the rights can still be NYE satisfied but the water levels are dropping. The state engineer monitors water levels in wells each year to determine the condition of the resource in these basins. If water level declines ESMERALDA are consistent and getting worse each year, it is definitely a case for further administration by the state engineer, as it is his job to protect existing rights and to do so by priority if necessary. The answer to new appropriations in some cases is, summarily, no.