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Distinct methods of brewing result in different styles of beer.

2. Beer’s flavor can be impacted greatly by all four ingredients.

For example, India pale ales are heavily hopped and can ferment rather quickly, while lagers are lighter on hops but ferment for longer periods at cooler temperatures. This differentiation also has to do with malt bill and yeast. Many ale yeasts ferment at the top of the tank and impart little flavor on the beer, while lager yeasts ferment at the bottom and impart different flavors depending on the strain.

Cans are better for freshness and portability, as they block out the sunlight that can harm a beer. For beers meant to be consumed fresh, there is a national trend toward canning to preserve quality and cut costs.


However, still look for bottles to hold those precious aged brews. Beer is best stored in a dark and cool space that stays below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Some prefer to lie bottles on their side to ensure that the cork will not dry out, but chances are you will not experience problems with aging bottles upright.

Also, make sure to drink a bottle before aging one so you have a comparison! Different styles of beers can be enjoyed at different temperatures. For example, a pale ale may be enjoyed at a cold 45 degrees, while a stout may be served at cool 55 degrees or higher.

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We recommend letting a beer warm as you drink it and carefully pouring it out of your can or bottle so that the yeast remains at the bottom of the container. Everyone has unique taste buds, which is why there are copious amounts of different styles. Established in , the Brewers of Pennsylvania serves the consuming public of Pennsylvania by encouraging brand diversity in the market. We believe in the nobility of brewing and hold dear the great traditions and history of Pennsylvania brewing. Craft-brewed beer is on trend in the foodie world.

5 Things You Should Know

Learning about beer is easy and fun, and best of all, you get to learn by tasting! You may have noticed an interesting phenomenon as of late. Are strange new beers appearing on the shelves of local grocery stores and in restaurants? These craft beers from local breweries have been gaining in popularity since the mids.

A lot of them have fun, quirky and sometimes even irreverent labels that may have piqued your interest.

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All you need is a little Craft Beer and a sense of adventure! Craft beers are typically from small, independent breweries — so small, actually, that they barely peak at 2 million barrels a year. Book Shelf Annual Events Sport.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Craft Beer

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