Manual Roman Nègre (Littérature Française) (French Edition)

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Il fit semblant de s'asseoir. Il parla ensuite. Ces femmes blanches qui se laissent manger la bouche.

Nigeria : Nnedi Okorafor, le futur en littérature –

Akakuru et N. Mkpa In Things Fall Apart p. The French translation is no doubt unable to understand what the igbo call "ofe olugbu" and translate into English as "bitter leaf soup". Le mot n'implique en rien un quelconque don 'oratoire'. Ce qui montre que la traduction est inexacte. Certain passages betray a lack of understanding of the dramatist's "translations".

Alioune DIOP, le fondateur

Janvier does not really come to terms with the limits of the form of address which she assimilates with the French one Janvier's translation of The Swamp Dwellers has not placed the scene between Kadiye and Igwezu in the correct sociological context Some parts of the Strong Breed reveal a confusion of register. This is an indication of her lack of familiarity with the levels of language in Soyinka's plays.

In 'The Trials of Brother Jero', Janvier battles rather ineffectively with the problems of retaining the original wit of the play. Iheanacho A. He holds a PhD in French and a B. Akakuru can be reached at akakuru yahoo. Dominic C. He has published articles on Translation.

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Chima can be reached at dcchima41 yahoo. Volume 10, No. Conversations are interspersed with silence. People lower their eyes and stroke my hands.


It is obvious that, through me, they are reaching out to the injured island that is becoming ever less remote. They ask me for news. They are quick to understand that they know more than me.

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I have decided to distance myself from the rumour mill in order to preserve the images that live within me. The little girl who, the night of the quake, worried about whether there would be school the next day. Or the woman I saw after the quake sitting on the ground, with her back against a wall, trying to sell a pile of mangoes.

Tout bouge autour de moi is the first first-hand account of the earthquake in Haiti. It will help readers get a better grasp of the tragedy that occurred on January 12, and hopefully, help them channel their energies into the reconstruction of the devastated country. The protagonist is the ubiquitous writer who likes to take baths in his Montreal apartment. The phone rings one morning and the writer is informed that his father has died.

« Moi, un noir » avec Dany Laferrière et Tania de Montaigne - Livres & Vous... (13/07/2018)

Readers learn that the father, in a very parallel life, had been sent into exile by the Haitian dictator, Papa Doc, as was the narrator by Baby Doc, the equally dictatorial son of the latter. The narrator then sets off on a reverse initiatory trip. He travels with a nephew who bears the same name and tours his island of origin in an atmosphere that is both tender and grave, dream inducing and full of charm.

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He explores the places of his youth and his origins. But can one ever return home? Montreal, today. This book tells the story of a man who does nothing or almost nothing. The narrator takes baths, reads Japanese poetry by Basho, and writes very little. He makes love to Midori. And receives the visit of the Vice-consul of Japan who informs him he has become extremely famous in Tokyo. Famous in Tokyo? The story becomes even more complex and the police get involved. This Brautigan style novel with its short chapters is — besides its subject — a brilliant study of what it means to be Creole, on the Francophone world, on extravagant media coverage and all other types of yokes that stop modern human beings from enjoying life as they would want to.

Je dis nomade sans voir uniquement le corps. Quel tourbillon! La toupie de mon enfance. Et voici donc Hemingway, et voici donc Noureev, et voici donc Apollinaire Et puis il y a Chanana. Pour ne jamais oublier cette libellule couverte de fourmis. Ni les pluies de Jacmel.

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  • Ni le vent du soir. Ni le terrible soleil de midi. Bonne nuit, Da! Nous suivons notre jeune auteur au Canada puis aux Etats-Unis. Les hommes de sa maison partent en exil avant la trentaine pour ne pas mourir en prison. Les femmes restent. La nonchalance est une affaire de connaisseur.

    Le premier enfant de la maison. Nous avons un chien. Vava habite en haut de la pente. Elle porte une robe jaune.