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Humorous stories and fun characters help children make connections to their own actions and behaviors. Each story in the Funny Bone Readers series models the benefit of good decision-making…. Ready or not, here I come! These wordless graphic novels feature lovable characters and fun fantasy takes on classic children's games such as hide-and-seek. The books instill positive…. Get your hands dirty! The Gardening Lab for Kids series presents a wide variety of hands-on activities. Each project includes a materials list and photographs of the process, offering a fresh…. Garfield introduces readers to the most noteworthy STEM discoveries, breakthroughs, and inventions with his trademark laugh-out-loud commentary.

From the beginning of numbers to computer…. Full-color comics featuring Garfield and friends help readers navigate the world of cyber safety. Activities at the end of each story challenge young digital citizens to think critically…. Discover the human side of key newsworthy and historical figures.

Iva Lockett Professional Library

Each biography in this easy-reading series is peppered with quotes and childhood stories, accounts of successes and failures…. This award-winning series offers a fresh source of creative learning activities and lesson plans, with hand-on exercises, activities, and projects. Each activity includes notes to expand…. Unplug and experience the great outdoors with this activity and craft series.

Readers will learn to spot signs of animal life in the forest as well as create wild art using natural materials. This exciting new science series brings STEM to life for young readers. Get your students thinking and working like scientists as they ask and answer questions, make observations, collect…. From a zoo vet who must figure out why a newborn orangutan is seriously ill, to an asteroid hunter who must determine if a giant, rocky space object is on a collision course with Earth: these….

Girl Crafts are great for all-girl get-togethers! Each project in this fun and fabulous series features illustrated step-by-step instructions, using materials that are easy to find around the…. This new series is designed to discuss the particular challenges, expectations, and stereotypes girls face. Each book talks with girls and people who care about girls to provide new insights…. Take young readers around the world with simple and touching stories of everyday life in different countries.

Young readers will learn new cultures, discover similarities, and empathize with…. Ready to help planet Earth? These fun narratives feature diverse characters learning how to protect the environment. The inviting stories are punctuated with critical thinking and recall…. This fun introduction to the basics of caring for our planet arrives just in time for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in April From conserving energy and water or fighting litter and…. The Olympic Games are a showcase of the world's best athletes.

the essential interactive guide to dinosaurs dolphins sharks snakes spiders for kids bundle Manual

The Games feature the best of individual competition and team sports. Each of these titles provides background on Olympic and…. Join twins Billy and Jillian Crook as they band together to perform good deeds behind their parents' backs, the Crooks! With youthful language and humorous drawings, this chapter book series…. Looking for fun outdoor activities and adventures for kids who want to explore their surroundings—whether they live on the edge of the wilderness or in the middle of a city?

This series…. Zenith Press's Graphic Histories series profiles iconic events from American history in comic book form with the utmost attention to historical accuracy. Supreme artwork and storytelling are the hallmarks of Lerner Publishing Group's Graphic Universe imprint. Explore the lives of scientists who changed how people see the world.

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The books follow famous scientists from their childhoods onward, inspiring young readers to value of their own curiosity…. Take a look at some of the most important — and often controversial — concepts of science with this in-depth new series.

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Each comprehensive title explains the theories and facts that define a…. Kids will learn about the lives of famous historical figures and famous events in history through compelling stories paired with fresh illustrated images, timelines, and fact boxes.

The theme…. This fun, fact-filled series takes a high-interest approach to hunting and fishing. Readers will learn what is involved in different types of outdoor sports, including preparation…. This makerspace-friendly series blends science, technology, engineering, and math content with arts and crafts for the perfect STEAM experience. A green approach focuses on reusing everyday…. In the game of high school, football rules. In these fast-paced stories, football rules more than just the school—it's at the heart of the town.

Each book offers relatable characters trying…. Take readers on a guided tour of the human body's grossest functions. Lighthearted text and irreverent illustrations pull readers in, while key science information about body systems and…. Organic foods, sustainable agriculture, free-range farming, eating local—what do these terms mean? And how are these concepts influencing the way people farm, shop, cook, and eat? This new series supports a child's feelings about growing up. Rufus has always dreamed of getting a dog, but his dad has a few objections.

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They whine. They gnaw.

They bark. They scratch. They beg.

Fall Children's Sneak Previews

They drool. When Rufus's mom suggests a guinea pig for…. Sasspants is a guinea pig with a penchant for puzzles. She lives in a pet shop in which the animals are smarter than the shopkeeper, who mistakes hamsters for koalas, chinchillas for camels…. Get busy with the Hands-On Science series - guaranteed to blow your socks off! Perfect for budding scientists keen to find out why things fizz, how Romans made soap, and how to make it rain…. Help creative crafters bring their most fantastical ideas to life!

Step-by-step instructions and illustrations guide readers as they explore the expanses of their imagination. Each themed…. Being a preteen isn't easy! This reader-friendly series addresses a wide variety of health-oriented topics, from bullying and safety to skin care and stress. With fictional case studies and a…. You may know the neighbors that live next door to you. This series compares our country with its neighbors.

Readers will compare and contrast holidays, customs, foods, and more with colorful…. Meet these uncommon heroes with wet noses and big hearts. Each book focuses on a different emotional support dog and how the dog helps kids process and overcome emotional challenges.

Florida (ISBN - 076457745X)

Discover heroic, untold stories of World War II. Engaging narrative text reveals what life was like for people fighting in the war or living in its wake on the home front. History books teach us important facts about big events that made a difference in the world. But as time passes, we discover some of the interesting hidden mysteries of history. With this…. Explore the lives of famous figures found in the core of every history curriculum.

Each completely nonfiction book is illustrated with historical photographs and illustrations.


Sidebars, a…. History is brought to life using compelling stories in a visually contemporary way. Each History's Kid Heroes title brings historical fiction into the graphic novel format using strong…. Bring to life important stories from U. These books bring together illustrated picture books with reader's theater…. Kathy Ross provides more guaranteed-to-success projects for the beginning crafter in the Holiday Crafts for Kids series. Young children can make the easy projects in these books, using….